The Lily Park


The Lilies of the Schoharie Valley Walking Path and Gardens (the Lily Park)

The  Schoharie Promotional Association created a park in the Village of Schoharie known as the Lily Park. Located  on approximately three acres of village-owned land (between Route 30  and Fort Road and Fox Creek and the Old Stone Fort cemetery), the Lily  Park is at the entrance to the Village of Schoharie and close to the Fox  Creek covered bridge. This area was once an overgrown site that had  been used as a landfill brush dump for years. 

     Phase 1 of  the project began in the Spring of 2015 with a number of volunteers  working to remove brush, cut trees, move rocks and create a path through  the park. 

     Phase 2 began  in the Spring of 2016 as Tiger Lilies were planted along the path. A  number of areas, including a memorial garden, were planted with lily  donations. A stone labyrinth reflection area was created by Schoharie’s  three churches. Areas were leveled, holes filled in, and rocks moved to  get the park ready to mow. Some garden spots were adopted; benches,  picnic tables, and birdhouses were donated. Paths to Fox Creek Park and a  path under the Route 30 bridge (connecting Fox Creek Park) were  created. Visitors (and their dogs) began to walk the path and enjoy the  park.

     Phase 3 continues  to see the park expand with adopted gardens spots, visual interest  items, charcoal grills, and park maintenance. The grand opening of the  park and the First Annual Lily Festival took place on July 15, 2017.    The Lily Festival continues annually on the on the second Saturday in  July.  


Planting the Park


The Lily Park is a community effort and all  are welcome to take part — individuals, organizations, businesses — and  is NOT limited to Schoharie residents only. 

A  garden application with policies and guidelines is available at the  Lily Park, under downloads below, and from Lily Park caretakers.  Prospective gardeners MUST meet with one of the caretakers to select a  garden spot.


Future Park Plans


The number of people who enjoy the park continues to grow. We invite you to take an active part in this community park. 

The  park has come a long way in a short time mainly due to the work of many  volunteers. Donations and the Promotional Association’s contributions  have provided the funds needed to establish the park. There are many  more improvements we would like to make, and donations are always  welcome to help with these projects. If you can spare a few hours to  help maintain the park. 

If you would like to make a donation, please contact the Association. We appreciate your support. Enjoy the park!